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The bicycle frame is the soul of the machine. That is why Condor focus on the frame first, making sure it suits your needs and budget, and most importantly fits correctly.  No two bicycles are ever the same because Condor don’t create bikes based on generalisations; it is all about you as an individual. At Bridgegate Cycles we understand this and offer a unique build service to help you choose the components around your Condor frame that are right for you.

In 1948 the majority of race bikes were bespoke but in today’s market place, a bespoke bicycle is a rarity. At Condor, it is what we have done every day for sixty years. From competitive to fitness rider, commuter, new or returning cyclist, the right bike opens up a world on two wheels.

As more and more marques take their manufacturing to the Far East, we continue to produce our frames by hand in Italy. Frames are constructed from our own selection of tubing and manufactured to our own design requirements. We utilise the right materials to produce frames dedicated to each purpose.

The bikes take inspiration from our rich heritage. Condor bicycles have been ridden to World Championship gold medals, ridden in the Tour de France, and have been the choice of many figures in the public limelight, ranging from judges to rock stars. Few brands can claim to have their bikes ridden by cycling household names including Tom Simpson and Bradley Wiggins.

For more information call us on 01777 705976, or visit the manufacturer website: http://www.condorcycles.com/



Models, Availability, & Prices

We have a wide range of bikes and components in store.  Visit our Showroom page, or call us on 01777 705976 to discuss stock availability and prices. 

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