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Surly Bikes is a designer and importer of bicycles, frames, parts, and accessories based in Bloomington, Minnesota and was established circa 1998. Surly is owned by and shares facilities with Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). The company is well known in bycycle messenger and single speed cultureand helped establish The Single Speed World Championships (SSWC). Surly specializes in steel bicycle frames. Frames are made in Taiwan from 4130 chromoly steel.

For more information call us on 01777 705976, or visit the manufacturer website: http://www.surlybikes.com

We also have a number of Surly bikes available in our Showroom


Models, Availability, & Prices

We have a wide range of bikes and components in store.  Visit our Showroom page, or call us on 01777 705976 to discuss stock availability and prices. 

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